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Wearwell-904VR 4 Person Outdoor Ultra-Low EMF Infrared Sauna in Red Cedar | End of Winter Sale | Nature's Art, Noble Enjoyment

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Wearwell-904VR 4 Person Outdoor Ultra-Low EMF Infrared Sauna in Red Cedar | End of Winter Sale | Nature's Art, Noble Enjoyment

Wearwell-904VR 4 Person Outdoor Ultra-Low EMF Infrared Sauna in Red Cedar | End of Winter Sale | Nature's Art, Noble Enjoyment


Our Wearwell-904VT infrared saunas are made of premium Mahogany sourced from the Central Africa Coastal, and can against bad weather ranging from -10°F to 149°F. It has 12* ultra-low EMF far infrared heating panels with EMF readings below 0.5mG. The technology used in this sauna is patented in the United States.

The classic American roof design is perfect for outdoor use. The gable roofs provide excellent drainage for rain and snow and are more weather-resistant than flat roofs—comfortable seating for two, creating a great gathering space for family and friends.

Wood Type Central Africa Coastal Mahogany
Capacity 4 adult
Exterior Dimensions 59.1"W x 82.7"H x 48.4"D
Roof Dimensions 68.1"W x 52.4"D
Inside Space 55.1"W x 70.1"H x 44.5"D
Glass Door Transparent / 24.0" x 65.0"
Wattage 2050W
Electrical Requirement 120V / 20 Amps (NEMA 5-20R Socket 25-30 Amps Breaker Required)
Seat Load 662 lbs*2 pcs
Applicable Height ~6ft 5
Infrared Intensity Adjust Yes
C/F Switching Method Press the (+) and (-) buttons at once
Max. Time Setting 60 Mins
Max. Temp. Setting 149°F (65°C)
Power Cable Length 10 feet (3 meters)
Number of Heaters 12
Control Panel Single LCD Panel
Number of Reading Lights 2
Number of Chromotherapy Lights 4
Number of Audio Speakers 2
Exterior Mood Lighting Without
Hidden Light Bar Without
Product Weight 430 lbs


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<p>If your sauna breaks down, we'll have you do some inspections and tests, and once we find the problem, we'll send replaceable parts free of charge.</p>


<p>If you sit on a towel while you&rsquo;re using it, place a towel on the floor, and wipe off your sweat with another towel. You should never have to clean your saunas. Just wash the towels between sessions.<br /><br />It is also not necessary to clean the exterior of the sauna. Please avoid any treatment containing benzene or a high concentration of alcohol. Our sauna not only undergoes a thorough electrical inspection before being packed and shipped, but we also apply a thick water-based protective film and wood wax oil to the exterior. This is especially important for outdoor saunas to protect the wood and prolong its lifespan. Avoid rubbing the wood surface too hard unless absolutely necessary.<br /><br />To ensure long-lasting protection for your outdoor sauna, we recommend applying Outdoor Wood Wax Oil every six months for Fir wood, and once a year for Basswood, Mahogany, and Red cedar. If the indoor sauna's wood surface appears visibly discolored, you can add the wood wax oil as needed.</p>

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kathleen M.
Love it!!

We consider our purchase of this Wearwell sauna a good move! Definitely the best looking one we looks so nice on the edge of our patio! We love it inside and out! There is only the 2 of us using it but we are glad we took the advice from other reviews and ordered the 4 person capacity. It's very comfortable for us!
We are planning to enjoy our sauna for many years to come!!
Thank you!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your positive review of our products. We strive to deliver nothing short of the best, and it brings us immense joy to know that we have met your expectations. Your feedback is incredibly valuable to us as we continually strive to improve our products. Knowing that we are moving in the right direction brings us immense satisfaction. We sincerely appreciate your support and trust in SalusHEAT Saunas Direct.

Julie B.
Very nice sauna

The sauna arrived faster than promised, and was packaged securely. We use it almost daily and are happy with the quality. We chose to buy thru Factory Direct because we read so many horror stories and reviews. We are pleased with our purchase.


Our Wearwell-904VR outdoor sauna is built to withstand severe weather conditions, offering you peace of mind for your home and ensuring it will last for more than 30 years.

  • Classic Gable Roof

    Excellent roof design for efficient drainage

  • Best Wood Red Cedar

    Antimicrobial and antiseptic, good stability, not easily cracked or deformed

  • Polyurethane Insulation

    Feel free to enjoy a relaxing sauna on a chilly winter day

  • Glazing Sealant

    Each glass window is completely airtight

  • Weather Stripping

    Ensuring that rain and wind do not enter the interior

  • Reserved Nail Holes

    Preventing roofs from being toppled by typhoons

  • Expansion Screw

    Securely fastens the base of the house to the ground

  • Higher and Rotproof

    Prevent the base from corroding by stagnant water


Real Outdoor Roof, Plus The Best Sauna Wood, Western Red Cedar

Ultra-low Electric Field And Magnetic Field Radiation

True 360 Degree Surround Infrared Heating

Adjustable Chromotherapy LED & Bluetooth Audio

Adjust Power To Conserve Energy And Highest Power Infrared Heating

Quick 20mins Assembly With No Tools Required

Non-toxic, Safe And Environmentally Friendly


Wearwell-904VR Quick Assembly

  • (That is a Garner-904VS in the video)

  • 2* people spend 20 minutes is enough

  • All parts are on 6 boards and 1 roof (4 walls+ceiling+floor+roof), with no tools required

  • Clasp together assembly by invisible corner fasteners

  • The installation and usage manual in PDF format will be sent to you once the order is placed.


01. How long will it take to receive my order?
We typically ship in 1-3 business days (Mon-Fri).

If you purchase this Wearwell-904VR sauna, you will receive your order within 3-10 business days (Monday-Friday).

Please know that we are doing the best we can to get orders out promptly.
02. Does the Wearwell-904VR sauna require special wiring?
Our Wearwell-904VR infrared saunas require electrical modifications to a standard wall outlet. We recommend contacting your local electrician to install a dedicated 30 Amps breaker and a NEMA 5-20R socket. More simply, you can also use the NEMA 5-20R adapter.
03. What are the EMF readings of your saunas?
The EMF readings of our saunas are between 0.1~1.0mG for Maxwell saunas and Wearwell outdoor sauna, and between 10~30mG for all other saunas. However, there is no need to be concerned about this non-ionizing radiation, as it is comparable to that emitted by electronic devices such as cell phones. This is considerably lower when compared to the levels of 100+ mG often found in many other sauna brands, regardless of the particular model.

A U.S. Patent for an infrared sauna with low electric field and low electromagnetic wave radiation has been registered for our Maxwell infrared heater. Our technology integrates both extremely low frequency (ELF) electric field and low electromagnetic field radiation (EMF) without the use of any shielding material.
04. What are the advantages of Red Cedar as a wood for outdoor saunas?
Our Wearwell-904VR infrared saunas are made from premium Red Cedar sourced from the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. This wood is renewable, biodegradable, and sourced from responsibly managed forests. Using red cedar for sauna construction aligns with environmentally conscious practices and supports the preservation of natural resources. Red cedar is widely regarded as one of the best wood choices for saunas due to its numerous advantages.

One of the main benefits of cedar is its inherent moisture resistance and natural antimicrobial properties. Because the high temperatures and humidity in saunas promote mold growth, cedar's antimicrobial properties ensure a cleaner and healthier sauna environment, reducing the risk of skin infections and respiratory illnesses.

Insulation is another significant benefit of cedar, a dense wood that effectively retains heat, making it easier to reach and maintain the desired temperature in a sauna. This means saunas heat up quickly and evenly and use less energy, providing a more comfortable and relaxing experience for users.

Cedar releases a soothing aromatic odor when heated, creating a calm and therapeutic atmosphere. Not only does this aroma make one more relaxed while using a sauna, it also helps to reduce stress and improve mental well-being. Sitting in it is as wonderful as feeling the moist air in a forest.

In summary, cedar offers a range of advantages as a sauna material. Its moisture resistance, durability, aesthetics, pleasant aroma, and sustainability make it an exceptional choice. Whether used for personal recreation or in a commercial setting, cedar saunas provide sauna enthusiasts with a luxurious and long-lasting experience.

And we have applied 3-5 layers of waterproof coating on the wood's surface, and the glass is secured with sealing strips and glass glue. To ensure long-lasting protection for your outdoor sauna, we recommend replenish your outdoor wood wax oil every 1 year for up to 30 years of safeguarding.
05. Which is better for an outdoor sauna, Red Cedar or Mahogany?
Our brand-new Wearwell outdoor saunas are categorized into two different types of wood, Mahogany and Red Cedar. Both mahogany and red cedar are commonly used in building saunas because they have natural properties that make them suitable for outdoor use. Both are renowned for their durability, sturdiness, resistance to rot, and pests. However, red cedar is better known by American families.

Visually, a red cedar sauna is almost a work of nature's art; sitting in it is as wonderful as feeling the moist air in a forest, and the natural secretion of oil that resists insect and rot effects and a pleasant aroma are its unique advantages.

On the other hand, Mahogany is more utilitarian, with its own higher hardness and resistance to typhoons and heavy rainfall. The Janka hardness of mahogany rating of approximately 800 lbf (pounds-force). Red cedar, on the other hand, is relatively soft, with a Janka rating ranging from 350 to 900 lbf.

Ultimately, the choice of wood depends on personal preference, budget, aesthetics, and specific needs for the sauna.
06. How is an infrared sauna different than a “regular sauna?”
An infrared sauna is a type of dry sauna that uses infrared waves to warm the body from the inside out, rather than the air. “Regular” saunas are the European kinds that get super hot, so it’s hard to breathe.

SalusHEAT infrared saunas use Carbon Fiber heated elements to gently warm your skin to encourage sweat in a warm environment where it’s easy to breathe normally.

Infrared waves (also known as photobiomodulation) have been used in the medical field for many years. They are used to positively affect neural and nerve stimulation, as well as increasing wound healing time and decreasing pain.

Infrared saunas are the cheapest saunas to run because they will plug into the wall like a hairdryer and draw less than 15 amps. They cost between 20-30 cents an hour to operate.

The energy use of this Energy Efficient sauna won't break the bank. For an hour long session every day, our customers report that the cost is about 30 dollars a year.



All of our SalusHEAT saunas undergo a thorough inspection to ensure the wood and accessories are in good condition. Additionally, we make sure to run each sauna for at least one hour before shipping them out. We take great pride in our meticulous attention to detail throughout the manufacturing and shipping process, guaranteeing that you will receive a top-notch infrared sauna to use at home with full assurance.


SalusHEAT was the pioneer company for infrared saunas market in the North American, and we are both makers and suppliers. By cutting out the middlemen, we make sure that our customers get their products straight from the source, ensuring genuineness, strength, and dependability. We are committed to maintaining the quality of our products and providing them at the most reasonable prices, which is also our mission.


All of the accessories for our saunas, including heating panels and electronics, are already installed on these sturdy wooden panels. Unlike other brands that require a screwdriver to install any part, we use our exclusive Integral Latching System that makes it easy to install within 20 minutes of taking everything apart. By making the most of your time and saving your money, no white glove service is required, and even elders and young ones can easily install it.


All parts of the SalusHEAT sauna are already in boxes and ready for shipment within 3-5 business days. We have expanded from one storage place to four in CA, NJ, and GA so that every customer can receive their sauna within 3-10 business days. Moreover, we have strong connections with logistics companies such as FedEx and CEVA, allowing you to ship quickly and save more compared to other brands. If any damage occurs to your sauna during shipping, you receive your delivery and we will replace it.


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