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2024 Premium Sauna Promotion

We have made continuous efforts to enhance and upgrade our popular Purity Series and Garner Outdoor Sauna, taking into consideration the feedback and preferences of our valued customers. Our commitment to our original mission has remained steadfast – to make the preventive and therapeutic benefits of sauna available to every family in the world in the comfort of their own home through the physical therapy products we offer.

We are excited to introduce the latest models of sauna products and services from SalusHEAT Saunas Direct. Allow us to present the exceptional features of our new sauna lineup.

Our Ample sauna sets itself apart with its innovative App+ Backlit controller, high-power chromotherapy light panel, and remarkable spaciousness not found in other saunas of its size. Its advanced lighting design combined with technological controls creates a futuristic sauna space, providing a unique and luxurious experience. 

For those who prefer high-temperature saunas, the Mix sauna is the ideal choice. It is the only sauna equipped with ceramic tubes that can quickly reach the desired temperature in just five minutes, while other saunas typically take 20 minutes. With the ability to reach temperatures of 200 degrees and above, the Mix sauna guarantees an intense and invigorating sauna session. Additionally, the ceramic tubes emit small near-infrared rays, which penetrate deep into the tissues under the skin, activating cells and promoting various health benefits. 

Our Maxwell saunas are the only indoor saunas configured with low EMF, and it's also worth noting that Wearwell outdoor saunas are all equipped with low EMF heating panels. EMF readings in our Maxwell heating panels average 0.5 mG, and EMF readings in saunas other than the Maxwell line are typically in the 10-20 mG range, which are all much lower compared to the 100+ mG levels found in many other sauna brands. 

Our brand-new Wearwell outdoor saunas are categorized into two different types of wood, Mahogany and Red Cedar. Both are renowned for their durability, sturdiness, resistance to rot, and pests. However, red cedar is better known by American families. Visually, a red cedar sauna is almost a work of nature's art; sitting in it is as wonderful as feeling the moist air in a forest, and the natural secretion of oil that resists insect and rot effects and a pleasant aroma are its unique advantages. On the other hand, Mahogany is more utilitarian, with its own higher hardness and resistance to typhoons and heavy rainfall. Ultimately, the choice of wood depends on personal preference, budget, aesthetics, and specific needs for the sauna. 

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