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Great Sauna

Super fast shipping and very easy to put together. My wife and I love it!

Great addition to home gym

Sauna is the perfect size. I am six foot tall and it is not too cramped. Gets a good sweat going, will be using every day. Only downside we had was shipping took longer than expected.

Cedar 2 person sauna

Love the sauna, Box looked like it had damaged contacted the company as a precaution, everything was packaged very well and all was good the company quickly reached out which was very reassuring, would highly recommend this sauna and company!

Works well, very effective!

I got this for my fiancé for his birthday and he loves it! It was easy to set up, and heats up a lot! He has gone in there every day since we received it. We are impressed by the effectiveness of it and how well it maintains temperature. Will be recommending to friends.

Good fit

Nice small sauna that fit the area I have fir rit but it does take a while to heat up. Reached out to customer service but they were not of much help.

Quality is as advertised. Great value

I am a Vietnam vet. I needed an inexpensive sauna to help relieve arthritis pain. This fit that need. Ease of assembly, lighting, bluetooth, heat panels strategically placed for feet and lower parts of the leg. Does not take up a big footprint in the home, and looks fantastic. Recommend white glove delivery as the packaging for shipping is massive. Order with back rests.

Great Sauna Experience!

Having Scandinavian blood and a history of countless hours spent in traditional Finnish saunas, I was skeptical of an infrared sauna. I must say I was pleasantly surprised. This SalusHEAT sauna gets up to 60 degrees Celsius (140 Fahrenheit) and gives you a good sweat. An added bonus is the Bluetooth speakers which allow me to listen to my favorite Finnish radio stations...almost as nice as being in my cottage in Finland. Assembly took about 30 minutes and although I completed it alone, I highly recommend having a second person around to help. At least to unload and carry the pieces in from the curbside delivery (the sauna comes on a pallet in two boxes, the walls box is quite heavy!). A sauna is a great way to unwind before bed, followed by a quick shower. Very happy with my purchase ☺️

Quality is as advertised

Product was delivered on time. We did have to adjust the inside control panel as it was pushed back during shipping. Removed two screws and reset the panel. I had help with the assembly as I am 80 years young and not as strong as I once was. Would highly recommend white glove delivery. Shipping boxes are huge. Recommend back rests as well. About 20 minutes to preheat. Nice addition to our home.

Cute and comfortable sauna

This sauna is a perfect size for a small space. It heats quickly, was a breeze to assemble, has a great Bluetooth function. Love it so far for our small wellness center.

Best Purchase Ever!!!!

I am reaping innumerable health benefits. I have lost 14 pounds so far, I'm definitely sleeping better, after going off Zoloft, I'm definitely more relaxed after a session, my aches and pains are leaving, and I feel awesome afterward. This is the most amazing sauna and I had no idea you could even purchase something like this for home use. My son has a cedar one and I really enjoyed the smell as well. I was apprehensive when I read this was Canadian Hemlock, but the smell is amazing. The lighting is awesome and I use my phone to pipe in relaxation Bluetooth music. The speakers work fantastic. Assembly was super quick and easy for my son to do himself. My sauna is overlooking my very tranquil yard including bird feeders and koi pond, so even more relaxing. I love that you can adjust the heat intensity, which my son's sauna doesn't have. I also love the flooring, as I have gotten splinters from my son's wooden floor and at my age, I prefer walking on a flat surface. The sauna heats up quickly and I feel so much better afterward, that I have told everyone I meet, including nurses and doctors how fantastic it is. I feel like a walking commercial for home sauna use, but I strongly believe in the major health benefits I have already gained in the two months I have owned it. Thrilled to death with my purchase...worth every penny.

Amazing Sauna

This sauna works extremely well and is very easy to set up. I was able to put it together in just a few minutes and only needed help putting on the top. It heats up to 65 degrees C in only about 10 minutes. It has a great cedar smell and the built in speakers work well. I had a portable sauna before, and after confirming I'd actually use it, decided to invest in a more permanent model and I couldn't be happier with my choice. I use it 3-4 times a week for 20-40 minutes at a time. It shipped quite quickly as well, in 3 boxes. Delivery was a breeze.

Awesome Sauna

We purchased this sauna for my fire department because we use it to detox after a fire. This includes structure, brush, and vehicle fires. This helps us to remove the carcinogens that we're exposed to. This sauna heats up very fast and gets hot. The company was fantastic to deal with and their customer service was great. The crew installed the sauna and made sure everything was operational. Highly recommend!

Love it!

I bought this product a few weeks ago and I'm so glad I did! The shipping was convenient and flexible (way faster than expected); installation was easy (took myself less than 1 hour solo); and the quality is great. It makes for the perfect addition to my recently renovated backyard. My friends and neighbors are jealous!

This Sauna Is a GAME CHANGER!

I've waited just over a month before writing this review. I really wanted to experience the sauna before putting my thoughts together for an honest opinion.

I cannot express enough how much I love this sauna. I am a triathlete and it has truly transformed my wellness routine and ability to heat prep for racing in hot environments.

Firstly, the design is impeccable. Its corner configuration is perfect for maximizing space, fitting seamlessly into the corner of my garage, where I have since added a cold plunge for contrast therapy. The sleek exterior and modern aesthetic really add to the overall experience.

But it's not just about looks; the performance of this sauna is great for my needs. It does max out at a temp of 149 degrees before automatically shutting off and then it seems to turn back on around 147 to maintain temps. There is some heat loss in the bottom of the sauna and I have experienced cooler air entering through the bottom door hinge, but not enough to be upset about or affect the overall experience. The ceramic heaters provide a deep, penetrating heat that makes it feel hotter than the temps would show. I appreciate the thoughtful design features, such as the tempered glass door and easy-to-use digital control panel. The interior lighting creates a calming ambiance, enhancing the overall spa-like experience. The speakers are also more than adequate. I actually find myself having my phone on lower volume settings because it can get quite loud.

Another aspect that I have found reassuring is its energy efficiency. Despite its powerful heating capabilities, it consumes minimal electricity, making it fairly cost-effective to operate. I noticed my monthly bill increased about $20 from usage.

The best part of owning this sauna is the convenience of having regular sessions at a moments notice. It takes about 20 minutes to get up around 120 degrees so sometimes I preheat, while at times I'll just right in and enjoy it as it gets up to operating temps.

It's a worthwhile investment that brings the spa experience right to your home. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to elevate their self-care routine. My only regret is not ordering one sooner!

Great product for the price

Took an hour to set up. Poor written instructions. Video was helpful. It was trial and error putting infrared panels on to hook up to box on tent. Remote does not stick to side of tent. Remote has Velcro in it but tent lining is plastic. Product works great. So glad I purchased.


I bought this during their Spring sale. My sauna experience started with a blanket, then to a steam sauna, and now to this. This is by far the best! It was easy to put together and the footprint was smaller than my steam sauna. With the addition of the lights and Bluetooth speakers, this makes the experience more enjoyable and productive. I can listen to a podcast, or depending on the temperature, have my phone with me and work on anything I need to. The lighting is easy on the eyes (I work nights so my eyes are sensitive). The heat - fantastic. The steam sauna was mostly moisture and the bottom of the sauna was always cold. This sauna is heat all around. Depending on the ambient temperature, will depend on how fast it heats up to the max.
Overall, this sauna is a game changer. I’m happy with my decision and purchase.

Extremely Relaxing

I absolutely love the sauna and can't get enough of it. My only regret is not getting it sooner. I researched many brands and units and settled on the 2-person, given the amount of space I have. It is just enough room to not make me feel claustrophobic. It heats up in about 30 minutes, and I will sit in there and sweat, read, chug water, throw a meditation on the Bluetooth, and do some light stretches. I feel so calm and light on my feet afterward (I try to do it before bed since it has greatly improved my sleep quality). I feel such a high after 30 minutes; it has been a great addition to my day, and it feels like I am biohacking in some way! Installation was extremely easy (I say that because I didn't do it but my parents did and they told me that was the case.)

Perfect Home Sauna!

I researched a lot of saunas before making the choice to get this one. I am beyond satisfied!! Heats up to 120 in about 10 minutes. So relaxing! The smell of the wood is the best. Customer service is on point. The quality of this sauna is great. It will definitely last! Don’t hesitate because it’s worth it!


I’m liking my new sauna, heats up pretty quickly and hovered around max temp (even when it was snowing outside), solid buy for the price.


The results are fantastic!
As a Personal Trainer I purchased the sauna for my use as well as my clients' use. It has shown immediate results. For me personally the regular use has already resulted in much more consistent sleep, a problem I have struggled with for a long time.
The Customer Service of this company is excellent. The Sauna was delivered with a crack in the seat. I contacted SalusHEAT and got response within 24 hrs. A replacement seat was delivered to me within 2 weeks.

I highly recommend the company and the product !!

Amazing product, amazing price

My parents are LOVING this sauna. It's so well-made, easy to put together and heats up well. The delivery, as we expected from the reviews, takes some time and communication. We purchased March 18, it arrived April 9, so just over three weeks from ordering. The local company let us know the window it would be arriving the day before, and it arrived promptly in that window. Overall, this is truly a great price for the product. We are hoping to use it for many years!

Great Purchase

The sauna arrived in three boxes on a pallet, well packed and protected. The unit was easy to install for two people (done in less than an hour). The walls and door are sturdy and the unit overall is built well. It worked just as advertised with no problems as soon as we plugged it in. We are very happy with the purchase overall.


I’m liking my new sauna, heats up pretty quickly and hovered around max temp (even when it was snowing outside), solid buy for the price.

Hot Sauna

This is the sauna you want because it combines the infrared panels with an extra kick of the ceramic heaters! Its hot!
Get this sauna

Very well designed cover

This cover protects the Sauna Room from all the rain and wind we get here and the velcro allows you to use it easily without removing the cover.Will certainly prolong the life and appearance of the Sauna Room..Thoughtful well deigned product.

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