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Maxwell-902BH 2 Person Ultra-Low EMF Infrared Sauna in Hemlock | End of Winter Sale | EMF Readings Below 0.5mG

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Maxwell-902BH 2 Person Ultra-Low EMF Infrared Sauna in Hemlock | End of Winter Sale | EMF Readings Below 0.5mG

Ultra-Low EMF (0.5mG) - $2,379.00
  • Ultra-Low EMF (0.5mG) - $2,379.00
  • Non-Low EMF (30mG)

Maxwell-902BH 2 Person Ultra-Low EMF Infrared Sauna in Hemlock | End of Winter Sale | EMF Readings Below 0.5mG


The Maxwell-902BH sauna comes with 9* far infrared heating panels that have low electromagnetic field (EMF) and low extremely low frequency (ELF) emissions. The technology used in this sauna is patented in the United States.

It's important to note that the sauna also includes an infrared heating panel on the front door glass, as well as heating panels located on the sides for the calves and the soles of the feet, resulting in a complete 360-degree wrap-around infrared heating experience.

Wood Type Canadian Solid Hemlock
Capacity 2 adult
Assembled Dimensions 47.4"W x 75.8"H x 39.5"D
Inside Space 44"W x 71.7"H x 36.2"D
Glass Door Transparent / 20.5" x 62.2"
Wattage 1750W
Electrical Requirement 120V / 15 Amps (Standard Household Output)
Seat Load 662 lbs
Applicable Height ~6ft 3
Infrared Intensity Adjust Yes
C/F Switching Method Press the (+) and (-) buttons at once
Max. Time Setting 60 Mins
Max. Temp. Setting 149°F (65°C)
Power Cable Length 10 feet (3 meters)
Number of Heaters 9
Control Panel Double LCD Panel
Number of Reading Lights 2
Number of Chromotherapy Lights 3
Number of Audio Speakers 2
Product Weight 293.4 lbs


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<p>If your sauna breaks down, we'll have you do some inspections and tests, and once we find the problem, we'll send replaceable parts free of charge.</p>


<p>If you sit on a towel while you&rsquo;re using it, place a towel on the floor, and wipe off your sweat with another towel. You should never have to clean your saunas. Just wash the towels between sessions.<br /><br />It is also not necessary to clean the exterior of the sauna. Please avoid any treatment containing benzene or a high concentration of alcohol. Our sauna not only undergoes a thorough electrical inspection before being packed and shipped, but we also apply a thick water-based protective film and wood wax oil to the exterior. This is especially important for outdoor saunas to protect the wood and prolong its lifespan. Avoid rubbing the wood surface too hard unless absolutely necessary.<br /><br />To ensure long-lasting protection for your outdoor sauna, we recommend applying Outdoor Wood Wax Oil every six months for Fir wood, and once a year for Basswood, Mahogany, and Red cedar. If the indoor sauna's wood surface appears visibly discolored, you can add the wood wax oil as needed.</p>

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jill O.R.N.
Great value, great customer service

I received my sauna with damage to the glass door and Salusheat immediately shipped me a replacement. Very easy to put together and works great. Exactly what I was looking for. We set it up in our garage and I plan to get a cold plunge tub soon to compliment it. Great value!

Jonathan H.
Great Product & Great Service

This sauna is great & easy to assemble. It took just over 20 minutes with 2 people from unpack to using it. The unit is sturdy, and you don't have to worry about installing a special higher amp outlet to use it, just plug it into a standard outlet and go.

I have mine in the basement where the average temp is 60F. It takes about 30min to get to the high end of recommended usage temp at 113F (45C) and between 45-60min to get to the max temp 146F (64C).

Customer service is probably the best I have ever dealt with. I had an issue with my sauna as it was damaged in shipping, and they responded and had all my issues taken care of within a few hours of my initial email. They really do stand behind their warranty and are fast and friendly.

Could not be happier with my decision to purchase this unit from Salus Heat.

Robert C.
Great Purchase!

We researched many different saunas and finally decided on the Salus Heat Maxwell 902BH 2 Person Ultra-Low EMF Infrared Sauna in Hemlock. It is the perfect material and look for our home. The assembly was very easy for 2 people. We love the light options and sound system which add to the wonderful at home dry sauna experience.

Bob A.
SO HAPPY WITH MY SAUNA - Great price, quality and support!!

I do quite a bit of research before I purchase something, and with the number of infrared sauna choices out there, and being new to them, it took me a bit of time to sort through them all and find a clear winner - SalusHEAT!
Here’s why I like it my 2-person infrared sauna much:

1) Pricing - half that of most competitors
2) Performance - this goes up to 149 degrees, higher than any others I found
3) Ease of assembly - the panels slide into place easily and there are just a few electronic cables to snap together. It took me less than half an hour to put this together by myself, much less time and trouble than if I bought another brand from what I saw. I also have low ceilings (7 ft) but had plenty of room to attach the few cables on the top piece.
4) Responsive customer service - I’d read that it was excellent, and that was my experience. I had a few questions before purchasing my sauna, and I was replied to promptly (and in a very friendly manner) each time.
5) Lifetime warranty - I like that SalusHEAT stands by its products. I don’t think I saw any competitors offering such a great deal.
6) Roominess - I’m tall and wanted as much legroom as possible.. The two-person unit I purchased was a few inches deeper than anyone else’s and I have plenty of legroom.
7) Well-made - this is a very solid, all-wood unit and is very attractive. There is even a heating panel on the door to optimize the experience.

I have to say, I think SalusHEAT thought of everything with their products to make them as good and as user-friendly as possible, backed up with excellent support and pricing.

It’s impressive, and I HIGHLY recommend buying one of their saunas!!!

Lovely Unit

We received our unit quickly, but the base panel was damaged in shipping. And with the Thanksgiving holiday and the fact we are in a rural location, it took almost a full month before we received the replacement part. But it was an easy process to order the replacement part. The unit was easy for two of us to assemble pretty quickly. The front panel with the glass is heavy and a bit complicated during assembly, but we got it on with one of us inside and one of us outside. Might have been easier if we took the door off, but I can see why they ship in assembled -to reduce the chance of breakage. The unpacking took a lot longer than the actual assembly. The Unit is pretty and well constructed. I ordered this above the other models and manufacturers because it has more heating elements and I like the low EMF feature. Plus the heater in the door is unique and the heated floor keep the feet and knees toasty. I also like the controls being both inside and outside. I didn't see that in many manufacturers' units at this price point. The bluetooth works great. Takes about 20-30 minutes to heat to full and the reading lights are nice and bright. I love the timer so I don't stay in too long. Overall I am very happy with my purchase.

Ron L.
What a relief.

I have been experiencing a lot of stiffness in my back that just wouldn’t go away. I felt some relief after using the sauna the first time. I have been using it daily for 2 weeks now and I can’t believes how much better my back feels, not to mention improvement in other aches and pains I experience daily. The sauna was delivered on time and in good condition The assembly was easy and it works just as advertised. It has exceeded my expectations and I have highly recommended it to friends and relatives.


Brand-new Low EMF Infrared Sauna Available

True 360 Degree Surround Infrared Heating

Adjustable Chromotherapy LED & Bluetooth Audio

Quick 20mins Assembly With No Tools Required

Double Controller And Regular Residential Electricity

Non-toxic, Safe And Environmentally Friendly


Maxwell-902BH Quick Assembly

  • (That is a Sublime-901BR in the video)

  • 1-2* people spend 20 minutes is enough

  • All parts are on 6 boards (4 walls+ceiling+floor), with no tools required

  • Clasp together assembly by invisible corner fasteners


01. How long will it take to receive my order?
We typically ship in 2-4 business days (Mon-Fri).

If you purchase this Maxwell-902BH sauna, you will receive your order within 3-10 business days (Monday-Friday).

Please know that we are doing the best we can to get orders out promptly.
02. Does the Maxwell-902BH sauna require special wiring?
Our Maxwell-902BH infrared saunas do not require any electrical modifications to your standard wall outlet. Their electrical requirement is 110V-120V/15 Amps.
03. Does it come fully assembled? If not, what will I be responsible for?
The frame of the sauna is divided into 6 wooden boards assembled, respectively front and back, left and right, top and bottom boards, motor equipment and carbon heating panels and glass are installed on the boards.

You just need to put all the boards together in the order according to the instructions and plug in the circuit connectors between the boards and you are ready to use.

A strong person could install most infrared saunas alone. But two people can do it much more easily if they work together.

According to the honest feedback from customers, they will be installed in 20-30 minutes, we are very proud of the ease of installation.
04. Can the indoor saunas be placed outside under covered patio?
Yes, it can, as long as the top and interior don't get wet. Humidity has very little impact on the sauna, and if you can open the sauna weekly and let the heating panels work, this will prevent the moisture from deteriorating the appliances and wood.

Outdoor saunas have even less impact because of the added water barrier and the sealant on windows, etc.
05. What type of wood are the Maxwell-902BH saunas made from?
Our Maxwell-902BH infrared saunas are made of premium hemlock.

If you are looking for an odorless wood, then Hemlock is the obvious choice for you.

This inconspicuous wood will blend into your home as the color resonates as a pale white or a light brown.

If you choose Hemlock and later wish to incorporate the aromatherapy of cedar into your experience you can always bring the essential oil of Cedar into the sauna with you or light some Cedar incense.

For those individuals who are highly sensitive to scent, Hemlock will be a better option for you.



All of our SalusHEAT saunas undergo a thorough inspection to ensure the wood and accessories are in good condition. Additionally, we make sure to run each sauna for at least one hour before shipping them out. We take great pride in our meticulous attention to detail throughout the manufacturing and shipping process, guaranteeing that you will receive a top-notch infrared sauna to use at home with full assurance.


SalusHEAT was the pioneer company for infrared saunas market in the North American, and we are both makers and suppliers. By cutting out the middlemen, we make sure that our customers get their products straight from the source, ensuring genuineness, strength, and dependability. We are committed to maintaining the quality of our products and providing them at the most reasonable prices, which is also our mission.


All of the accessories for our saunas, including heating panels and electronics, are already installed on these sturdy wooden panels. Unlike other brands that require a screwdriver to install any part, we use our exclusive Integral Latching System that makes it easy to install within 20 minutes of taking everything apart. By making the most of your time and saving your money, no white glove service is required, and even elders and young ones can easily install it.


All parts of the SalusHEAT sauna are already in boxes and ready for shipment within 2-3 business days. We have expanded from one storage place to four in CA, NJ, and GA so that every customer can receive their sauna within 3-10 days. Moreover, we have strong connections with logistics companies such as FedEx and CEVA, allowing you to ship quickly and save more compared to other brands. If any damage occurs to your sauna during shipping, you receive your delivery and we will replace it.


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